Torchlight Talks - Marketing webinars for ethical businesses

Torchlight Talks

Marketing webinars for ethical businesses

What is Torchlight Talks?

Torchlight Talks is a new webinar series set up to help ethical professionals better understand how they can make the most of their marketing. Specialising in our three main areas of expertise; content, identity and experience, our Torchlight Talks webinars focus on training, educating and collaborating to help you and your company to get to grips with how you can make an impact.

Torchlight Talks was designed to help you understand more about how you can make an impact with your marketing. Our talks will be particularly useful to ethical business leaders and marketing professionals who are looking to educate themselves and their team on content, experience and identity.

Start with Purpose

Wed, 23rd Feb – Wed, 30th Mar

A free 6-part webinar series:

Explore content creation, user experience and strategy tips to help you start up your business with purpose. Torchlight Talks series in partnership with Business & IP Centre Liverpool

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Start with Purpose series

Wed, 23rd Feb – Wed, 30th Mar
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Meet our Torchlight Talks Speakers

Ruth Hartnoll

Ruth Hartnoll is the Founder and Content Director of Matchstick Creative. Ruth believes that at the heart of us all is a communicator (whether we realise it or not!). Through great content and strategy, Ruth can help you communicate more clearly. Specialising in brand tone of voice, content writing and content strategy, Ruth can assist your purpose-driven business in creating a consistent brand across all platforms. For more information about how she can help shine a light on your brand, connect with her on LinkedIn or send her an email.

Greg Macoy

Greg Macoy is the Experience Director of Matchstick Creative. With over 20 years of experience working within the application development & digital creative industry. He is our resident UXpert. He focuses on empathising with people and making better experiences for people interacting with brands, content and systems. To find out more about how Greg can help you design your brand with your customers in mind, reach out to him on LinkedIn.

Aaron Fontenot

Aaron Fontenot is a socially-driven entrepreneur with a passion for brand and an eye for tech and consumer trends. As well as being the Business Lead at Matchstick Creative he is also the Project Lead on Firestarters, which is a cross-sector community of LCR organisations coming together to do more good. Outside of Matchstick Creative he is also the Founder and Head of Programming at Culture Deck, Liverpool’s leading urban media platform which celebrates the regions urban culture through events and creative media projects. As an entrepreneur and a social activist, Aaron is on the frontline of the Liverpool business communities fight to become more purpose-driven. He has worked with a number of household brands including Nike, LFC, and the BBC; and holds positions on various boards throughout the Liverpool City Region